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Loved the whole thing... and then that ending killed me! Laughed damn hard at that.


This was pretty damn incredible! I can't imagine how many hours you've put into this.

I really enjoyed the theatrics of it and the professional anime feel. The shaking of the walking titan was particularly awesome to me.

I thought the music was well picked--I liked the track and how it synced up well with the walking titan.

I'm addicted to this

Just had to say I've watched this video a couple times a day since it's release. Everytime I visit the site I see the featured banner with the three faces and I just have to give it a click because this song is so catchy.

One of my favorite moments is when that weird little floating dude comes in and the low buzzed-out bass riff plays--I LOVE THAT PART!

Great beat, great illustrations and animations. I also dig that you made slight variations in the loop each time around. I also suspect that if I had played the game this is referencing it would be even funnier.


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Frantic fun

Totally dug this game! You put a ton of polish into this and it shows. I made it to wave 10 and enjoyed seeing all the variety of powerups and enemies that you fight along the way. Great vector graphics too and they seemed to run pretty fast performance wise. Definitely a game that requires a mouse! A very solid arena shooter.

Simple and fun!

I love games that are reduced so far to the simplest elements. You hardly do anything at all in the game yet it is still fun to play. The humor elements of the bistro name graphics as well as the parody on the 'Super Stacker' series name is pretty funny too. Well polished--good job.

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Puzzling fun

Great little mental puzzle game with spooky atmosphere. I like the environment you've setup visually and aurally. The puzzles are fun to figure out and the difficulty curve introduces new elements at a good and understandable pace. Very polished looking too.

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Kicks ass! Just totally dig this man. Great lines, tones, and colors and image.

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Really dig your line art style and the coloring of this drawing!

Love the style and colors

I really like this illustration a bunch. I like the tension in the character's arms and the massive hand silhouette in the background with the smoke suggesting some crazy combat. The colors used in the character and the gradient for the sky also add a lot to this piece.

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